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Waves, Focus, and Hurricanes


Yesterday God showed me a snapshot of  how he loves for me to pursue my purpose in Him. As Hurricane Isaac is bearing down on the Gulf Coast There was only one thing to do in my mind,  go play in the surf!  So, I had the grand idea it would also be the perfect [...]


Beachin Weekend at Gulf Shores State Park


One of coolest things I get to do is meet great families. I had the privilege to photograph the Estrada family from Bixby, Oklahoma this week. They were a absolute pleasure to hangout with and document there time at the beach. We meet at the Gulf Shores State Park Beach Pavilion. The weather was a [...]

Fun Stuff

Night out in Gulf Shores with Dave Mathews at the Hangout Music Fest


Well, the title may be a little deceiving. I wasn’t actually with Dave; I was about a football field worth of beach away trying to snag a decent pic of him. The beach in front of the The Hang Out was packed with a cruise ship load of people. Thinking I would flaunt my way [...]

Hangout Music Fest, Dave Mathews


Leah, Sam & Oscar


You know people that  just make you smile, today I had the opportunity to photograph two such people- Sam and Leah. This couple has literally fueled my mornings the past couple of years. They not only are two of the coolest people I know and have one of the raddest kids on the planet, Oscar, [...]

Fun Stuff

Bradley’s Circus & Grayson Capps


I had the pleasure of photographing  Bradley’s Circus  and Grayson Capps at Dr. Music in Fairhope, AL this week. Mattanja Joy Bradley’s, the lead  singer for Bradley’s Circus, vocals are absolutely amazing.  They are currently on their US tour so check them out.    

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